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Born to a Taiwanese father who runs a trading business and a Japanese mother. Became conscious of the world of calligraphy that she was familiar with from a young age and then became a Calligraphic Master of the Bokuteki-kai (Calligraphic Association) of Japan at the age of 18. Spent her time from kindergarten to junior college at a Roman Catholic mission school called Kobe Kaisei College. Works as model under the name of RION in Japan and overseas belonging to the ELITE MODEL JAPAN agency headquartered in Paris and New York. Has expressed a message of love, peace and gratitude that comes to us from the universe in her pieces since studying abroad in France. Infused with high charisma, an aesthetic sense and beautiful spirituality, the calligraphic pieces drawn by her are collected and supported by prominent figures in various fields across the world. Her sincere spirit of inquiry approaching the beauty of the soul, the refined sensitivity and the advanced spiritual world are not limited to the world of calligraphy; she is attracting attention in various fields by making maximum use of the six senses she cherishes in the world of music, healing spaces, aromas, food and the spiritual world. Popularizing REISEIKAI – an organization of healing and passionate calligraphy – around the world. Representative of REISEIKAI – Head of the REISEI School of Calligraphy. Proactively participates in animal welfare and charitable activities with the wish for eternal peace on the earth.


Given the title of Slovenia’s Art and Culture Goodwill Ambassador. Her ZEN FUTURE piece is permanently preserved in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum – this is a first for an Asian person.
Her LUNAR ECLIPSE piece was awarded the PRIX MAURICE RAVEL (Maurice Label Award) by the government of Monaco the RENCONTRE ARTISTIQUE MONACO-JAPON art festival.
Held an exhibition of her pieces in the GALERIE DU CARLTON of the CARLTON CANNES HOTEL in Cannes in France. REISEI’s WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL MIND, which she spent three years writing and photographing, was published by Mokujisha.
PACIFIC MOON RE-CORDS released SENTIR moon. This is a healing album for which REISEI personally handled the selection, production, design and art direction. Released the ZEN MAKIGAMI tableware brand with original designs by REISEI.
Her design of the first store in Japan of HEINRICH WANG – a living national treasure of Taiwan whose pieces are the only ones of someone still alive on display at the Taiwan Palace Museum – was opened to the public. She handled the comprehensive production.
AVALOKITESVARA OF SALVATION was awarded the Modeling Arts and Culture Prize by the Government of Monaco at the RENCONTRE ARTISTIQUE MONACO-JAPON art festival held in Auditorium Rainier III in the Principality of Monaco.
Held REISEI’s WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL MIND at WORLD ART DUBAI – the world’s largest art fair – held at the WORLD TRADE CENTER in Dubai. Performed the opening calligraphic performance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the UAE’s Sheikh Zayed. Garnered high praise from authorities in various fields across the world including the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.
Held REISEI’s WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL MIND at ICOM Kyoto 2019 that was set up by art gallery and museum stakeholders from around the world under the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and United Nations Economic and Social Council and which is headquartered in Paris in France. This became a hot topic of conversation when 30,000 visitors came to the venue over three days from all over the world.
Began to draw images of the Dragon King on 16 fusuma sliding screen panels in a Zen temple called Manpuku-ji Temple that serves as the head temple of the Obaku school of Zen Buddhism in Uji in Kyoto. This will take approximately three years while Tohojo is not open to the public. It is scheduled to be completed and opened to the general public in 2024.
Debuted REISEIWAGASA from Kyoto. This is a piece produced in collaboration with Tsujikura. Tsujikura is a long-established Japanese umbrella shop in Kyoto that is the oldest in Japan having been around since the Edo period (1603 to 1868).
Worked on the comprehensive production, art direction and interior design of the SENSHIN CLINIC at the TOKYO MIRAI IRYO CENTER on the theme of “ZEN & ART” for the first time in the world.

Designed and produced famous mineral water with silica content at the top level in Japan which springs up from the foot of Mt. Daisen – a mountain where a great god resides – in Tottori Prefecture as ZEN.R.WATER to cleanse the soul. It is now being delivered to the world!