What is Zen?

Zen began approximately 2,500 years ago. It is said to have started when Gautama Buddha sat cross-legged in meditation under a sacred fig tree in Bodhgaya in India and attained enlightenment.
Zen is an abbreviation of the word zenna in the transcription on Sanskrit. It means a state in which the mind is no longer disturbed or the pursuit of truth by unifying the spirit in Buddhist terms.
Zen means to discipline yourself, appreciate all things, eliminate waste, reconsider your way of life and search for the truth of your existence.

What are zengo?

Zengo are the words of Zen monks. The teachings of Zen and the mental state of enlightenment are condensed into short phrases.
They are important words of enlightenment. Knowing the meaning of zengo will make you feel positive,
stir your heart and look back on the times when your life and daily difficulties come to a standstill.

What does senshin (a zengo) mean?

Senshin means to rid yourself of egoism and fixed notions to face yourself;
to look at yourself to realize the impurities in your heart;
and to purify yourself and rise up.